Clinical Psychology

stonesClinical Psychology is a life span science that assesses the strengths and difficulties in a person’s life and uses the information to help identify positive ways to make better sense of a problem and then find a solution that is useful and helpful.

Clinical psychology exists to help identify, through assessment, the causes of a psychological problem and also how to prevent it or treat it with guidance and sometimes therapy. Our approach is based on a view that every aspect of our lives is important and that problems or difficulties as well as strengths all impact on other parts of our lives.

We strongly believe that a solution focussed approach to problems will help a person to understand what can cause difficulties in their lives. It helps identify what it is we do that can keep our problems from being resolved and constantly reappearing. The approach also identifies what in our lives protects us and keep us psychologically healthy.

Clinical psychology is different for children, adolescents and adults. Some types of problems may need specialist advice. At Philemon, we can tell you if we can offer a service that is applicable to you or we may refer you to another service which is more appropriate to your needs. In either case, we will be clear about that from the outset after we have carried out our initial evaluation.

We try to see people quickly so that a comprehensive assessment can be arranged and the appropriate advice given without delay.

We will always give you a clear timetable for when we can meet and when we can provide an assessment and a report written in clear language as well as a preliminary plan that will help meet your needs.

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