Consultation to Organisations

Organisations that deal with the public are at a higher risk of encountering trauma. It is no longer acceptable for staff to manage these situations without training or preparation. It is now known that preparation for dealing with traumatic events or a major emergency will help organisations plan better. This ensures that people affected are more insulated from the damage that can occur when tragedy strikes. There is a large body of research which shows that better prepared organisations experience less turnover of staff and a quicker return to work. We believe that training for disaster or having knowledge about what to expect helps staff to experience a level of care and support that enhances their confidence in the organisation.

Small organisations may have to deal with difficult deaths at work or major accidents in the work place or outside. There may be the risk of assault in the course of duty or the risk of violent robbery. These types of situation overwhelm the usual coping mechanisms that we all have. Preparation doesn’t make people immune to emotional pain but it does help make it more manageable. Philemon can help identify your planning needs for dealing with emergencies and advise on how to prepare a plan that can be activated easily.

Philemon will also advise on your training needs and help you to decide what might work for you. Philemon’s approach to managing trauma is based on good practice guidelines about what works for whom. Philemon personnel have several years experience of working with public and private bodies in developing programmes and plans to manage trauma in the workplace.

In addition to training needs we can also advise on what to do when a major incident impacts on your workplace.

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