mediationConflict is a feature of human existence. The life cycle of any person or group will comprise innumerable moments of conflict. Some are intensely private and personal and others are inherently social.

The art of being human demands conflict resolution skills.

Disputes that are difficult to resolve often end up in court where the adversarial system can produce a settlement which may favour only one of the parties.

Mediation is an alternative method of dispute resolution that seeks to help parties in a dispute come to a common and acceptable solution that will become legally acceptable and final.

Philemon provides a service of mediation for individuals in dispute with each other either within a family context, between neighbours or business partners and within organisations where disputes can damage working relationships.

Philemon’s mediation service is provided by people who hold appropriate qualifications from University programmes conducted at post graduate level.

Our Mediation Service for Individuals

Our Mediation Service for Organisations