Intervention and Therapy

Philemon can provide individual and group interventions in the aftermath of a crisis. These interventions are not therapeutic and are designed, according to best practice guidelines, to help people move on from the event. This is achieved by gaining a fuller knowledge of what happened and a better understanding of their reaction to the event. People can then better manage their health and well being in the period of time close to the event which would otherwise be seriously disrupted. They can regain their normal coping mechanisms that otherwise work so well.

Where a long period of time has passed and individuals are experiencing difficulties associated with the traumatic incident, Philemon is able to provide some assessment of the problem and where appropriate or if recommended by another mental health practitioner, we can provide therapy.

Our service is applicable to many varied organisation types and Philemon personnel have previously provided this service to financial bodies, security forces, health care groups and the retail sector.

Our Crisis Management Services